Thursday, December 07, 2006

All my friends are getting married ...

I am blessed to count my sons as good friends ... so I guess it's true.

Shane is engaged to Kim (from Thailand/Norway) and so we are off to Thailand for a wedding next year. They reckon that surprises come as a surprise !!! and this one came from left field. It's been a whirlwind romance, with Shane meeting her at Chiang Rai DTS earlier this year - falling in love - arranging for Kim to visit Perth recently to meet the family (country cousins included) and then making the decision on a recent visit to DTS base in Chiang Rai to go back and staff a DTS next year with Kim.

And Thomas has a Thai girlfriend (Tuu is her name) whom he met during DTS in Chiang Mai early this year.

As I said, all my friends are getting married ...

And I know someone else who met a nice girl at Chaing Rai DTS ... but thats a secret! And he's a friend ...

Punish those YWAM Discipleship Training Schools.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Random stuff ...

Switched onto ABC2 tonight ... watched a Crowded House gig (those guys are so good) followed by a Roy Orbison show. Just goes to show ... if you're patient, a good show(s) will eventually appear on ABC2.

Other breaking news ... cancelled my trip to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan this week. Too much to do this side of Christmas !!!

My daughter Camille has got a blog (well she's actually had it for some time now) and she posted today ... yay !! Welcome to blogland for real Camz. Your shoutbox has been doing some serious trade though.

Work is crazy (as per normal).

Church is great ... I am Worship Leading on 17th Dec ... doing some carols, and invited my good friend Alan Flanders to play keyboards while we do "Oh Holy Night" as an item. What a blast. Should bring back lots of good memories of Carols in the Park while at Bethel Church in Cannington.

Listened to Selah Christmas carols album last week ... their version of "Oh Holy Night" is definitely up there. Must buy that album next time I am in Koorong.

Well that's it ... just random stuff.

I'm blessed ... because Jesus came to redeem me from the curse of the law ... hallelujah!!!


Saturday, September 30, 2006

God does answer prayer ...

The West Coast Eagles are AFL Premiers for 2006. What an amazing game.

I'm worship leading at Southern Districts tomorrow morning, and I think I'm losing my voice from all the cheering. Should be interesting.

Go the Eagles ... bad luck to Sydney who tried to undo their pathetic first half, but just didn't make the grade.

Shalom ... and commiserations to all the Swans supporters.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Coming up to breathe ...

Have been punishing the new Mercy Me cd - "Coming Up To Breathe".

This is definately their best album yet. It mixes up so many different styles of music on the one CD. Some of them are traditional Mercy Me style, but some songs like "Where I Belong" are radically different, and still keep me glued to the seat until the last note has ended.

So thanks to my nephew Tim, who bought it for me as a present. I know it will continue to get punished for a long time yet :D)

If you don't own it yet, you are missing out on the best contemporary Christian music CD to be released so far this year. IMHO!!


Sunday, July 23, 2006

A long lost love ...

I'm rekindling a long lost (well ... maybe not lost ... just put aside) love for Christian fiction.

It started with the Frank Peretti novels in the late 1980's that grabbed my imagination, and started my interest in the concept of using fiction to portray truths (in this case, it was the concept of spiritual warfare as being real and everyday). Once a Peretti fan , always a Peretti fan ... I read everything of his I could get my hands on, including his bio.

Then I got hooked on the "Left Behind " series. I would wait eagerly for each new book in the series to be released, and then devour it as soon as I got it home - sometimes reading until 2 or 3 in the morning. Being a Pre-trib believer helped there a little I suppose - as many of my friends did not share my enthusiasm for fictional accounts of the last days.

I have always been a SF fan (Star Trek, Stargate, Sliders, Terminator, Total Recall, Time Cop, etc) and love the excitement of the constant battle between good and evil.

I stumbled across several bloggers sites (Rulan and Curm for starters), and then meandered to Michel Archer, Chris Well, Bonnie Calhoun, Brandilyn Collins, and so on. There is an awesome amount of Christian Fiction novel and short story writing going on out there, with many people using their God given gifts to write stories that are captivating and uplifting.

It is a pity that Michel Archer has put her series on "orientalisms" on hold for now. I would eagerly visit her blog every few days to see the latest installment in the drama of Yeshua and Max. Hopefully she will be able to deal with the people who were ripping off her story, and return to writing great stories for all to enjoy.

The only downside is that hardcover books are so darned expensive in this country. Most publishers take forever to release soft cover versions, and so it becomes an expensive hobby or interest to read good books when they are first released. Many of the Left Behind series that have been out for 3 or 4 years here in Australia are still only available in hard cover.

If you're interested in Christian Fiction, then take the time to visit some of these blog sites. It will be worth the effort.

Shalom - peace, prosperity and healing.


SDA ... a really cool church ...

With all that Karen and I have been through over these past few years, the thought of finding a church where we would really be happy seemed distant most of the time.

And so surprise, surprise when God leads us to a church just down the road from where we live, and one which I drive past everyday on my way to work. I am sharing this because for the first time in nearly 5 years we feel at home in a church, and loved, and accepted, and valued, and involved. So much so that we are going to do the dreaded "M" word ... yes, thats right ... MEMBERSHIP.

The church that I am speaking so highly of is Southern Districts Alliance church - which is on Warton Road in Canning Vale. And once again today we had an awesome service with the many new friends we have made in our short few months there. The worship is great, the teaching is great, and the leadership is great. We have become involved in a home group (something I have not been able to for nearly 20 years for a number of reasons, the main one being that most home groups I have experienced in the past are a waste of time) which I look forward to every week.

I have missed this church and home group sooo much over these past 4 weeks that I have been overseas. And they all missed me ... makes me feel kinda loved by others outside my family. So if you are looking for a great church that will make you feel loved and accepted, come and visit one day - services start at 10-00AM. Like most people who visit SDA, you might end up staying!

Praise the Lord, for He is good.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

The top of the world ...

To have been in the Himalayan mountains (or a close relative of it - the Tien Shan mountain range ) in Krygyzstan is the most inspiring experience I have had in a long time.

The drive from Lake Isyk Kool up to the Kumtor Goldmine in the mountain range is the most amazing experience. To Reach a tundra at about 10,000 feet and then drive for almost a half hour along flat grassy plains with snow capped peaks all around you is to stare in wonder and amazement at God's creation. Then, to finally reach the minesite and actually see a real glacier right alongside the open cut mine pit is even more amazing. I stood on the roof of the mine office with my new JVC 30GB HDD video camera and rotated around slowly with the scenery filling the lense.

I marvelled at how our wonderful creator God could make a human body that can so quickly adapt to breathing air that only contains 40% of the normal level of oxygen. The secret of breathing three quick deep breathes regularly was one I learnt quickly, otherwise you become very ill. I was able to maintain my blood oxygen levels at around 96% to 98% during the day, which impressed the mine clinic doctors greatly.

It made me realise how complete was my healing from the Aspigillus lung infection that nearly killed me when I was about 21 years old. For years after that I learned to live with the severe lung tissue scarring that plagued my health for years. The outcome of that was that I learned to breathe deep and long as my lungs were incapable of absorbing normal levels of oxygen for my blood. Several years ago the regular x-rays I had as part of my medical check-ups started to reveal absolutely no scarring evident - and my health has been almost perfect the past 5 or 6 years, since I started claimed God's healing over my whole body.

The lung infection that nearly killed me 27 years ago taught me how to cope with high altitude - further proof that God takes every bad thing that has ever happened in our lives, and turns it for our benefit, and for His glory. I was able to tell several people about how my lungs had been completely healed, and how a miracle had happened in my life.

And just today (here in Perth at work) God revealed why I met a young Kyrgyz man named Andre whilst in Bishkek. He had breiefly shared with me about his wife and new child who had just been christened in the Orthodox Church, and I knew in my spirit that God had a purpose in all of this, but I believe He revealed the full purpose today. Brett, who travelled to Kyrgyzstan with me, left 3 days after me to return to Perth, and he had a chance to speak further with Andre after my departure. It turns out that Andre's oldest daughter (who is about 3) has Spina Bifida or some similar disease, and is only expected to live for another 5 years or so. I now know why God is going to send us back to do further work for this company - so that I can witness to Andre, and to lay hands on her and pray for his daughters healing.

God ALWAYS has a higher purpose ... sometimes we just need to wait upon Him to reveal it.

If you are able, would you join with me in praying for Andre's daughter that God would miraculously heal her, and reveal himself in all of His glory to Andre and his wife.

Whilst I was not particularly looking forward to returning to Kyrgyz because it is so demanding physically and mentally, I now know that God has a purpose in sending us back ... not just to do business of an earthly nature, but of a Heavenly nature.

Praise God, for He is good.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Forever is a long, long time ...

Seems like forever since I last blogged.

Lots has happened in the past month or so ... I have been almost right around the world in that time. To actually sit down in front of a computer (not work related) and log in and update - well it seems like a luxury.

Since the end of June I have been to Thailand for Shane's DTS graduation in Chiang Rai, and then for work went to Kyrgyzstan in central Asia. This entailed flying to Dubai, Istanbul and then Bishkek, and then return the same way to Perth.

I have spent the last week trying to catch up on everything - including reading my favorite blogs. It is perhaps hard to believe that you can be in a situation these days where you don't have internet access, but trust me - it is quite common, especially when you are at a goldmine site in the Himalayan mountains at 11,000 feet altitude - struggling to breathe because the air is so thin!

It is soooo good to be back home in Australia, and it truly is the best place on earth ... Perth, I mean!!!

I will try to catch up on posting, and relate some of the awesome things that have happened in my life lately (especially visiting the Haggia Sofia in Istanbul). In the meantime, know that God is good, and His mercies endure forevermore.